What Are The Benefits Of Energy Efficient Lighting

Some years ago, we hardly thought twice when buying lighting bulbs; a bulb was a bulb, as long as it worked then that was it. But as the world became more enlightened on the state of our planet, the concept of energy saving gained prominence.

This, coupled with the advancement in technology has seen the development of modern energy efficient lighting options today that are extremely beautiful and friendly to the environment.  Energy efficient lighting is all about combining the aspect of consuming less power, while incorporating creative designs and customizations, to reflect the user’s taste.


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There are numerous benefits of using energy efficient lighting solutions and they include;

  • Saving on power costs; energy efficient lighting bulbs and fixtures generally consume less power than the traditional, ordinary light bulb. So huge is the difference (energy efficient bulbs have an energy efficiency of 80%-90%) that by the end of the month, you’ll have saved a lot from your energy bills. Buy original energy efficient lighting bulbs and install them all over your home. For the outdoor lighting, there are some smart, automatic energy saving lights; they can detect motion and shine brighter, then automatically dim themselves when the movement ceases.
  • Highly customizable; most energy efficient lighting solutions tend to be highly customizable, so as to match with the home owner’s interior design, personal tastes. If you’re looking for energy saving LED lights to light your shopping counter, fish aquarium, bathroom dressing mirror, you name it; you’ll get highly customizable options to pick from, designed to suit any need you’re looking to fill.

  • Eco-friendly; one way of reducing your carbon footprint is by keeping an eye on your energy consumption. Most of the power we consume in our homes and workplaces is generated from hydropower and nuclear power; these are not green ways of production. Thus, keep your energy consumption low by using energy efficient lighting. Where possible, solar power is more preferable and the good thing is that energy-saving lighting solutions will get along perfectly with solar power.
  • Stylish; energy efficient lighting like the luxurious, dimly lit light fixtures used in bathrooms are stylish and unique. You’re looking to liven up your bathroom with fancy and luxurious lighting? Try LED lights and other energy efficient fixtures to create any mood or feeling that you desire. The same applies to your living room and hallways, even balcony areas; get energy efficient chandeliers of any color and have them hang low to create the perfect ambience. Display counters and shelves used in jewellery and mobile phones also utilize fancy LED lighting to woo and attract customers.

  • Durable; LED lighting solutions are made from sturdy components that make them withstand outdoor weather variations like wind, rain, or storms. This is why most traffic lights, lights used companies that manufacture products at night; they all prefer energy efficient LED lighting solutions. If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable lighting solution for outdoor use, you’re better off getting LEDs. They will shine a constant beam of light all across without faltering, even when storms are shaking power lines all over.
  • No UV emissions; why do most museums, artwork galleries, and other sensitive sites use LED lighting solutions? It’s simply because they produce very little infrared light, plus their temperatures can be controlled. LED lighting is ideal for use in materials and foods that are heat sensitive. Fluorescent lights are not so ideal for use in very cold temps, for instance in outdoor winter camping. LED is a better illuminator in all conditions, including in freezer rooms where temperatures are extremely low. A normal bulb would be challenged in such conditions.