EICR Report, Everything You Need To Know

EICR Report

As a landlord or property owner in London, it is very important that you acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations pertaining to electrical safety.

This is the only way, not just of protecting your tenants from fires and electrical hazards, but also avoiding hefty fines or jail terms. Take a look below;

What is an EICR Report?

All electrical installations deteriorate with time, this is a given fact. As such, an EICR report must be given after every 3 to 5 years for all rental properties.

EICR stands for electrical installation condition report. This report is recognized by the authorities in case of a fire accident and you are asked for proof that you adhered to all safety standards.

The report seeks to highlight any defects or hazards observed, any non compliance with the set safety standards, and so on so forth.


Electrical safety condition report
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Is it Mandatory to have an EICR report?

As a landlord, it is mandatory; you have to continually ensure that all the sockets, electrical appliances, and the general electrical installation are all safe. In order to be uniform and on the same level, EICR reports are the benchmark used to ascertain this compliance. Lights and Sockets Electrical contractors will conduct two types of tests to your property;

  1. Visual condition reports; like the name suggests, this one is visual and does not involve any tests. We usually recommend this for installations that have been recently tested.
  2. Periodic Inspection Reports; this is the thorough inspection our electricians conduct, it’s suitable for pointing out any damages of defects on the installation.

It’s worth remembering that the older an installation is, the more frequently you’ll need to have EICR carried out.

Our electricians are well qualified and able to inspect all types of rental installations, from apartments to stand alone homes, you name it. If the property has a swimming pool, you will need to get an inspection done after every one year.

We will advise you accordingly after the inspection, if anything needs to be replaced or fixed, we’ll do that.

The UK standards that govern electrical appliances and installation are strict; they include wiring regulations. Only by having a professional team of electricians like Lights and Sockets can you be sure that you meet these standards.

We are here as your professional partners, ever ready to sort all your London electrical and lighting needs.

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