Electrical Safety Guide For Landlords In London

As a landlord in London, you expose yourself to huge financial risks every time you neglect your electrical safety obligations. Secondly, you’re also risking the lives of the tenants who live in your property in case of an accident or fire.

You are required by law to ensure that all electrical installations in rental properties are safe when a tenant moves in.

Thus, the only way out of this is by ensuring that you have a professional, certified electrician to conduct periodic inspections and tests. Only such an electrician is able to give you what’s known as EICR; Electrical Inspection Certificate For Landlords.

Lights and Sockets Electrical Contractors are proud to inform you that we can conduct electrical inspections and tests in all rent properties, and give you an electrical safety certificate.


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What Is Included In The Electrical Safety Certificate?

  • Electrical faults are detected early, before they’ve caused any burns or shock to humans and pets
  • Our electricians also check whether the entire installation is safe.
  • Defective points in the installation often emit heat, our electricians will detect such so as to protect your property from fires
  • If there any alterations to your installation, the inspection will reveal such.
  • We also carry out inspections to establish whether the wires are in contact with any water or moisture, perhaps due to flooding or leaking.

Our electricians are all highly qualified and experienced; they’re all certified by ELECSA, NICEIC, and NAPIT. This means that as a landlord, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with competent electricians who’ll not just inspect your rental property, but also help you fix any abnormities that may be detected.

Apart from the keen inspection of the electrical installation and wiring, we will also help check all the electrical appliances, from cookers and fridges to microwaves, kettles, and so on; we ensure that they meet the safety requirements of CE Marking.

The building and construction regulations are clear that all buildings falling under HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) must be periodically inspected after every 5 years.

Our electricians here at Lights and Sockets Electrical Contractors will ensure that the periodic inspection and testing are done in full accordance with the laid down regulations.

Once you’re given the EICR Certificates, you should keep them safely in readiness for the next inspection. This will help you pick up from where you left in the next inspection. In case of a fire, injury; the certificate can be used to prove that as a landlord, you met all your safety obligations.

Failure to adhere to electrical safety standards and obligations may cost you dearly as a landlord. From hefty fines to criminal charges, to being jailed or your property insurance invalidated; you have every reason to ensure that you have a reputable electrical company working with you to ensure that everything is in order. Get in touch us today, we are the premier electrical company here in London, we have the expertise and skills to inspect your rental property in accordance with the rules and regulations set. We are fast, professional, and affordable.