Why You Should Hire Lights And Sockets Electricians In London?

Lights & Sockets Electricians offer you professional services for all your electricity and lighting needs. From periodic inspections and tests to diagnosis, we are your real London pros on any day.

As a landlord, you have to continually ensure that your rental property is safe and secure, that all electricity safety standards are adhered to.

You have to get an electricity certificate from a reputable and certified electrician, usually after he or she has inspected your property. You will need to have a periodic inspection done when you’re preparing to let a property.

The inspection is also necessary when you’re selling or buying property from a previous owner. We will also check your electrical appliances to ensure that all are safe to use for your next tenant. Afterwards, you’re issued with an EICR/ Electrical Installation Condition Report.


Electrical safety condition report
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Why do landlords need periodic testing for their property?

  • A periodic inspection helps highlight any potential defects, like lack of earthing, bonding, and so on.
  • Potential electric shocks or fire hazards are detected, fixed early on time.
  • With a periodic test, you’ll also be able to know whether there’s overloading or electric circuits anywhere in the installation.
  • The Law stipulates rented homes be inspected at least once after every 5 years. If there’s change of occupancy, you have to get another inspection done in between. You can count on our highly skilled electricians to carry out a thorough inspection of all the rental property

Lights & sockets electricians pride themselves of having some of the best electricians and technicians around; we always strive to serve you professionally and with speed.

Don’t risk hefty fines from negligence or non compliance; let us check your installation to ensure that you’ve done your bit in terms of safety standards.

The electricity certificate we’ll offer you will contain among other things, any observed damages, defects, hazardous conditions or any non compliance noted down. Tests on electrical appliances are also necessary and we take time to ensure that we check everything to ensure its fitness.

Feel free to get in touch today for a free no obligation quote; our rates are affordable and very fair. Landlords with multiple properties that require inspections are encouraged to get in touch; we have handsome discounts for such.

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