Electrical certificates in London are important for landlords as they provide necessary information about the standards up to which the electrical works are done.

If you are in UK, then having these certificates are critical and is required at any given point of time, including selling (or) buying a property.

Electrical installation certificates/reports are issues based on the amount of work done.

This certificate proves that the electrical installations along with its depending components are completely safe to work at the time it was put into service.

The Electrical Installation Certificate provides information about the service that has been done. Like,

  • ┬áNew Installation Service
  • Alteration of Existing System
  • Addition of New Components to Existing System

This EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) can only be issued by an authorized agency like Lights and Sockets. The government has given strict regulations to be followed before issuing this certificate.

At Lights and Sockets, we issue the certificates only if your existing system is up-to the expected standards (in case of Alteration / Addition).

If you are taking a New Installation, we will take care of all regulations and standards of installation. Get in touch with us for more details!


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