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Here, you will find everything you need about electrical condition reports.

What is an electrical installation condition report?

electrical installation condition report

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is a simple safety and condition analysis of your electrical items.

These items can include:

  • Fuse box (Consumer unit)
  • Sockets
  • Switches
  • Fittings

The electrician conducting the report will test items by turning them on and off to make sure everything is working optimally and up to date.

The electrician may advise you on what needs improving. For example, if the electrician finds that your fuse box is not up to standards, they could advise you on rewiring it.

The entire point of an electrical installation condition report is to make sure the property is safe. This property could be your house, flat or commercial property.

Your electrical systems will be tested to check for circuit breaking and faults.

How often should you have an electrical installation condition report carried out?

How often should you have an electrical installation condition report carried out?

It is recommended to have a condition report carried out every 10 years.

If you’re renting out a home, it’s recommended to have the report carried out every 5 years.

You see, as time goes on, your electrical items will deteriorate.

Things like metals and plastics very easily deteriorate.

I remember when someone’s electrical item wasn’t working and it was then inspected to see what was wrong with it.

The electrician figured out the reason why the electrical item wasn’t working was that the metal had rusted into the actual wire.

There may be many electrical items of yours on the verge of a situation like this.

So instead of waiting for the problem to occur and then fixing it, you should get rid of the potential problem today.

LightsandSockets have the very best electricians that are qualified to carry out the report and make sure everything is in working order.

Are you a landlord?

It’s critical to have a condition report carried out.

There’s nothing more important than making sure your residents are safe.

If you haven’t had a report carried out and God forbid something bad happens…

…this will ruin your whole reputation and everything you’ve worked for.

No amount of money can fix your reputation.

So make sure you call LightsandSockets today to help prevent a bad situation.

How much does an electrical installation condition report cost?

electrical installation condition report cost

The cost for an electrical installation safety condition report all depends on the size of your property.

Let’s just say you have a 1 bedroom flat VS a 4 bedroom house.

The 4 bedroom house’s electrical installation report will cost more.


Because of the amount of work the electrician will have to do.

A 1 bedroom flat typically has less electrical items than a 4 bedroom house to inspect.

Our electrician will give you the OK if your property passes.

If not, our electrician will give you advice on what you need to do and the next stages in a very easy way you will be able to understand.

LightandSockets are very well known to give their customers the best price possible.

We’re always on time for the job and you can rely on us for anything electrical related.

You see, there are so many electricians out there who waste as much time as possible to get as much money from your wallet as possible.

Our electricians make it their duty to go around your property as efficiently as possible to keep your costs down.

We understand that you want value for money and that’s exactly what we bring.

Our electrical installation condition report service is high quality and does not disappoint.