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Installation Services

At Lights & Sockets our Electricians understand that installing new wiring into a house can be a huge and complicated task for our customers, as there is a large number of codes and safety regulations to adhere to in the process. Lights & Sockets can provide you with fully qualified electricians who can take the hassle out of this by being able to carry out the work as well as certifying it after the work is completed.

Many house which are older do not have wiring that is able to safely meet the demands of modern day living. If your house was built before 1980 and has not had any extensive wiring work done to it already, there may be a strong chance that it is n need of an update.

Signs to look out for or that you have seen which may tell you, you’re in need of a rewire:

  • Cables that are coated in black rubber. Modern cables are coated in PVC, and are usually grey or white.
  • Sockets that are mounted in skirting boards are no longer acceptable. Sockets now have to be atlas 450mm above the ground in order to meet the standards.
  • Switches which are wall mounted in the bathroom. This all depends on the size of the room, a wall mounted switch in bathrooms has to be out of a reasonable reach from the bath or shower. If they are any closer they are breaking the regulations..

Lights & Sockets do not just offer complete rewiring we also offer smaller jobs such as rewiring rooms to include more power outlets or insalling new circuits for lighting or heating. This can all be certified by our competent Electricians, which can save you time.

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Installation Services

  • Fire Alarm installation

  • Security Alarm installation

  • CCTV installation

  • Door Entry Systems installation

  • Building management control systems installation

  • Networks and data cable management systems

  • Structured cabling systems

  • Control panel installation

  • LV power distribution circuits

  • Bus Bar Systems

  • Lighting Installation

  • Trunking installation

  • Conduit installations

  • Process circuits

  • Emergency Lighting Installation

  • Rewires

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